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Unknown Priors

Random ramblings from a preson of questionable sanity

My name is Isaac Khor, and I’ve been writing software, both big and small, since 2012. I have experience in most major areas of software engineering, from embedded programming, time-sensitive networking, to building blog engines in Go and backend infrastructure in clojure.

Look below for the projects I’ve worked on before.

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Better FF Reader (Github) - A customisable reader mode for Firefox.

Tridactyl - A vim interface for Firefox. A successor to vimperator (may it rest in peace).

CljTinyC - An incomplete C compiler written in clojure for my compilers course.

LinuxPTP - An implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) on linux.

Autograder for Clark CS Courses - I am in charge of Clark’s autograding infrastructure for several CS courses. Email me or the CS department for access; this is not code we want public.

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