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Isaac Khor's Blog

Random ramblings from a preson of questionable sanity

My name is Isaac Khor, and I’ve been writing software, both big and small, since 2012. I have experience in most major areas of software engineering, from embedded programming, time-sensitive networking, to building blog engines in Go and backend infrastructure in clojure.

Look below for the public projects I’ve worked on before.

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Project Clarentine (Github) - My attempt at building a calendar not on any astronomical phenomena or religion but instead on regular repeating seasons of 144 days and cycles of 12 days. I’ll be extremely surprised if there’s anybody other than me using it.

Better FF Reader (Github) - A customisable reader mode for Firefox.

Tridactyl - A vim interface for Firefox. A successor to vimperator (may it rest in peace).

CljTinyC - An incomplete C compiler written in clojure for my compilers course.

LinuxPTP - An implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) on linux.

Autograder for Clark CS Courses - I am in charge of Clark’s autograding infrastructure for several CS courses. Email me to request access to the repo.

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