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Killing Project Duodecimal

Since the Clarentine calendar was based on divisions of twelve, I thought it would be a good idea to notate all numbers in duodecimal. This was part of a larger internal effort in my life, aptly called Project Duodecimal, to convert all numbers I interact with to duodecimal.

However, after much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that due to the sheer momentum of decimal number notation, changing all numbers I interact with to duodecimal will be using far too much effort relative to the possible gains. Most of the world runs on decimal, uses divisions of ten, and is not compatible with a duodecimal system.

This has led me to abandon Project Duodecimal; despite being one of my oldest projects, its priority has always been one of the lowest, so not much progress has been made. There are some specifications for a new duodecimal system, along with notation and names similar to metric prefixes, but due to their underdevelopment, I will be not be releasing them.

However, most of the advantages of using twelve as the base of my calendar are still preserved even if I switch the notation over to decimal. So, divisions in the Clarentine calendar are still made of twelve units, but the notation for dates will change slightly to accommodate the new decimal notation. I am still working on how to best fit these numbers into a single consistent date format; the next version of the specification should be published soon with this notation overhaul along with some changes to names.