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Random ramblings from a preson of questionable sanity

Firefox 50 Extensions

About four months after my switch to Firefox, my extensions situation seems to have finally stabilised. Thus, it’s time to take a comprehensive inventory of my entire browser system, for the sake of documentation in case I need to set up this system again.

I hope to still be using this in a year, but with Firefox extensions, you will never know.

UI Enhancements

  1. Tab Centre: Tabs laid out vertically makes much more sense that the default horizontal configuration. The main reason is that I don’t like to have wide browser windows, since most webpages utilise vertical rather than horizontal space, and having tabs laid out vertically makes it easier for me to find everything anyways.
  2. Reddit Enhancement Suite: Self-explanatory. Browsing reddit without RES drives me insane.
  3. 1Password: While not strictly a purely UI addon, I will include it here anyways. My username and password system is beyond the scope of this article; all you need to know is that everything is managed through 1Password (along with some scripts I hacked together).
  4. DevEdition theme enabler: The default theme looks ugly. What more can I say?


  1. uBlock Origin: Yes, I run an adblocker, and yes, it is not purely for privacy reasons. I used to use AdBlock, but as many others have discovered, uBlock is the best when it comes to CPU and memory usage.
  2. Ghostery: I am actually experimenting with removing Ghostery, since the things it blocks should already be included in uBlock, but it stays for now.
  3. Self-Destructing Cookies: I used to maintain a cookie whitelist, but I have found that to be way to much work; setting certain websites to have their cookies kept with SDC is a system that is just as practical and requires almost no work.
  4. NoScript: JavaScript-blocking is a must. I don’t trust most websites enough to run their code on my machine, and most pages work just fine without JS anyways. I am pretty strict with enabling JavaScript, and even with that most websites still work just fine.
  5. Decentraleyes: This is a local CDN cache that requires very little maintenance, and is here for no reason other than it provides some protection against fingerprinting.
  6. Random Agent Spoofer: This extension, as it name suggests, spoofs the UserAgent that your browser sends; it is a great protection against browser fingerprinting. It also includes some options for countering other forms of fingerprinting, like disabling JS canvas support, some of which are enabled.
  7. HTTPS Everywhere: Despite my misgivings about the EFF, this remains a must-have extension, since I don’t like MiTM attacks, and neither should you.


  1. Dorando keyconfig: This extension is for binding shortcuts to Firefox, since it uses a custom keyboard event-handling system that is opaque and extremely hard to configure. I have just recently started playing with Hammerspoon, and I am currently experimenting with removing this extension and migrating my shortcuts over to Hammerspoon.
  2. Test pilot: Dependency for Tab Center; I can’t remove it even if I wanted to.
  3. Add-on Compatibility Reporter: Temporary while I puzzle over the migration to e10s.